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Ahem [26 Jul 2005|04:15am]

*clears throat*


Now, our entire mission was to survive the lockout and not hang ourselves by our skate laces or slit our own throats with our sticks. So, since the lockout is now OFFICIALLY ENDED, time for a roll call! Have we all survived the aptly-termed suicide watch of the lockout??

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[02 Jul 2005|04:02pm]

[ mood | amused ]

i love hockey
i love pulp fiction

so hockey and pulp fiction mixed, makes me giggle.
here is.. jules winnfield.. hockey coach..
(vulgar.. sorta)


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Some news, some games [10 Feb 2005|10:49pm]

Man, this place has died down. Are we all on suicide watch cuz of this NHL strike thing? I don't know, but yeah, I feel depressed about it lately. And this place almost feels like a constant reminder that our game is controlled by morons. UGH!

Anyways, looking at the schedule, I realized there's a big gap in games on there. The last games were scheduled for February 10, with the next being February 15 due to the all-star break. The all-star break! I could strangle both Bettman and Goodenow for this.

I know there's multiple sides, but some really good points:

- no matter who "wins," we're all screwed for several years. Baseball had several bad years before it came back to pre-strike days. We better be seeing some price cuts.
- There are groups getting ready to buy bankrupt NHL franchises on the cheap. I'm not saying franchises will go bankrupt, but that the possibility is so strong, groups are betting it'll happen.
- If the players think they're going to get a better deal, they're not. Once this season is cancelled, that paltry TV contract we used to laugh at will actually be impossible to get. Revenues will drop across the board once the NHL resumes play due to fan anger/apathy, and the owners will have even less money to pay players with.

Good job NHL and NHLPA. Fuck you both. Happy V-day everyone.

So some games...Collapse )
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Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary [05 Feb 2005|04:45pm]

Wow, an actual update. Hopefully the start of many.

Hope you guys aren't fixated on that whole "season going or ending?" thing. I realized I should've stuck with my gut instinct from September that it was toast. Sad. I hope I'm wrong, but right now, ick.

Kings 0 - Canadiens 2

Montreal won a boring game against the injured Kings.

As usual, Los Angeles was devastated with injuries in the first half of the season. Even Kings coach Andy Murray was hurt when a puck flew up and hit him in the nose, breaking Murray's nose. He remained in the game.

Saku Koivu and Mike Ribiero scored for the Canadiens, who skated circles around the 8 remaining Kings not on the injured list.

"Itd ben a tug yer," Murray said afterwards with a vastly-swollen nose. "I jus wanna be helfy fo once."

Sharks 2 - Senators 0

The Sharks got an early goal, and that was all they needed against the lowly Sens.

Alyn McAuley opened the scoring on the powerplay, and Patrick Marleau scored shortly after that to give the Sharks the game.

The Sens, who haven't scored 2 goals in their past 10 games, gave up and spent the rest of the time working on their figure skating. Sens captain Daniel Alfreddson was especially proficient with his twirls. The figure skating got ugly though, when Zdeno Chara dropped the captain on his head, leading to a brief skirmish between the two.

Red Wings 1 - Flames 3

Calgary beat the old guys again.

Jarome Iginla scored twice, and Lanny McDonald and moustache came together to put the game away with a third goal.

Kris Draper scored early in the third period, but the comeback wasn't meant to be. Many of the Red Wings left after the second period to catch a flight to Jacksonville for the Super Bowl, making coach Dave Lewis angry. "You may think I'm losing control of this team, but that's not true," Lewis said after the game. "Those guys will get punished for their actions. Don't tell them I said that, okay?"
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wait [26 Jan 2005|07:51am]

i found the transcript of the story, see below:

rock bottom | the worst of the worst, be careful what you click on
[This is long, but the Candians will love it...]
A hockey story.

So our day begins at the golf course where I have been battling in the Lindy Ruff all day. We call it quits and head into the club house for some Bob Beers and some Kelly Buchburgers. After crushing many drinks we decided to hit the local night club to check out some Carl Dykhaus and some Joe Nieuwendykes.

I noticed that I was getting eyeballed by some Neil Sheehy and she had a bit of a Doug Weight problem. A real Jamie McCOWan. I thought to myself "I can't stoop this Patrick Marleau". She wanted to take off, and I wasn't sticking around for the ugly lights to come on, so i paid the Rick Tabaracci and we hopped in a Tomas Kaberle.

I took her back to my Phil Housley where things got a little hot and steamy. She geared down and not to my surprise her Keri Taco was a bit Joe Reekie and Jason Wooley. I decided she needed a Bill Barber, pulled out my Donald Brashears and shaved her hair diaper down to the Randy Wood.She then proceeded to trim my Harry Snepts and the bush around my Pekka Rautakeileo. I then reacted quickly and popped her Don Cherry but she was too Ken Dryden, so I flipped her over grabbed my Haken Loob and threw it in her Curtis Brown with no Tie Domi. After a few pumps she started to complain that she was to Marty Mcsorley to go on. So I snapped and quickly showed her to the Daryl Sydor and told her maybe I'll call her Brendon Morrow. Needless to say she was Grant Fuhrious.

The next morning I had the worst Darren Puppa and I was Valeri Zelepukin all day. And two weeks later I noticed a Travis Green drip oozing from my Mike Babcock. So I booked an appointment with Dr. Randy Gregg and got a Corey Schwab.

But that isn't the end of the story! A month later I woke up and saw Garth Snow outside. The weather man said it was going to be a 30% chance of a Theo Fleury.

My car wouldn't start so I had to borrow my roommate's car. It's not as Chris Osgood as mine and it takes a Robert Luongo time to start, but I was stuck. When I went in his room to get the keys, there was that same Rick Brodsky with my roommate! She was sucking on his Mike Pecca while Esa Tikkinen his temperature with her finger. I said "buddy, don't do it! That Butch Goring has the fans clapping! I think she picked it up in Paul Kariya!" But he wouldn't listen to Marty Reasoner. Finally I said "keep up the Manny Legace", and ran out.
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hockey [26 Jan 2005|07:48am]

i have a hilarious mp3 form some radio show that ties in hockey players' names and tells a story. its a good laugh, if you want it lemme know and gimme your email addy
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All Star Game, and Other Updates [24 Jan 2005|06:58pm]

Sorry for the lack of delays. I could say it was for personal reasons, but personal reasons = laziness.

The reality is it was a combination of depression from those $#@*$@s at the NHL and NHLPA screwing the season, and a serious amount of games to catch up on. I can't seem to get to those, so I'm going to skip them and maybe I'll do write-ups at a later day. But at least now you'll continue to get your updates.

Using the NHL's stupid rules of including at least one All Star from every team, the following lists were composed. I'm sorry if some of the picks didn't make it, I tried to get as many picks in there as possible, but blame the NHL's stupidity. I know I'm cursing them every chance I get.

Speaking of which, sorry if you've seen this before, but if you haven't, check it out:

Man uses obituary to take parting shot at 'skunks' who took away his passion

Archibald "Archie" Bennitz passed away this week, but the big hockey fan, who was 84, didn't go quietly after having to put up with the indignity of an NHL lockout.

In fact, the former Royal Canadian Air Force mechanic, who was stationed in London during the Second World War, had NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and players union leader Bob Goodenow in his sights before he died, and let go a volley at the two that he told his son, David, could be repeated in his obituary.

"He asked that Mr. Bettman and Mr. Goodenow know that they are 'skunks' for denying him the pleasure of watching the NHL on TV this year," read his death notice in yesterday's Citizen. "He also asked that Mr. Bettman step aside and give Wayne Gretzky the job that rightfully belongs to him."

Note: National Post link so this story will eventually be archived. So if you want to read the whole thing, do it now :)

Okay, on to the All-Stars...Collapse )
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Crazy little thing called stat post... [24 Jan 2005|02:50pm]

Just so we know where everyone sits, starting at #1 in the NHL:
[Team]: wins-losses-ties-OT, points, total games
Nashville Predators: 23-8-7-15, 68, 38
Calgary Flames: 17-10-8-14, 56, 35
Toronto Maple Leafs: 17-9-11-7, 52, 37
Minnesota Wild: 19-7-4-3, 45, 30
Montreal Canadiens: 14-21-0-9, 37, 35
Ottawa Senators: 12-17-5-8, 37, 34
Vancouver Canucks: 9-5-2-3, 23, 16
Edmonton Oilers: 8-10-5-2, 23, 23
And, for fun...
Boston Bruins: 8-4-2-3, 21, 14
Carolina Hurricanes: 6-7-4-2, 18, 17

I think that covers it.

Two questions:
1)Was someone supposed to be covering the Caps, because they've only got 9 games on here, and everyone else has much, much more.
2)When do we find out who's on the All-Star teams?

Aaalrighty. Kudos, everyone.
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The countdown to the 2004 NHL All-Star Game has begun! [21 Jan 2005|08:43pm]

In preparation for the 2004 All-Star Game, and in memory of the late Sergei Zholtok, the NHL announced this morning that the All-Star jerseys will be the same as those of the Latvian team. The Eastern conference, as the home team, will wear the maroon home jerseys, while the Western conference will be clad in the away white jerseys. The word "Latvija," printed on the front of the original jerseys, will, of course, be changed to "Eastern" and "Western."
"This is a great way to pay tribute to a man who played in 588 NHL games," says one Minnesota Wild fan, "We still have to put on our pants one leg at a time. Hockey goes on, with or without him here. If anything, this is the best way to recognize the man that he was."

The fans are anxious for this year's game, and are ready to see if their votes got their favorite players onto their respective teams.

The game will take place in Atlanta on February 13th.
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A whole whack of updates... [07 Jan 2005|10:31pm]


Sorry, guess that holiday break laziness extended a bit far. Buncha games below the LJ-Cut.

First, all-star business. The All-Star game was originally scheduled for mid-February, but I'm doing a cut-off date of January 20th. Get your votes in. Thanks to those who already have :)

Second, I'll be taking another break over the next few days. Will try to post those tommorrow, since I can predict the future.

On to the games...Collapse )
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Leafs VS Bruins, Leafs VS Thrashers [07 Jan 2005|02:30pm]

Jan 04, 2005 home Leafs 3 Boston 0

The Leafs recent acquisition of Hot Dog Guy's brother, Ketchupman, greatly contributed to the Leaf's 3-0 stomping of the Bruins. All 3 goals were scored because Ketchupman did what he does best, and squirted ketchup in the Bruins player's eyes.

Jan 06, 2005 away Atlanta

Leafs 0 Atlanta 0

The Leafs and the Trashers played the shortest game in history Thursday night. The puck dropped to start the first period, and a brawl broke out over who's butt was cuter, Darcy Tucker's or Brad Larsen's. The game was called off, and resumed outside in the parking lot, as no decision could be made wearing full hockey gear.
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I'm baaaaad [04 Jan 2005|12:42pm]

Alright. I SUCK, even more than the HABS!

I promise to be good from now on.

Dec 23, 2004 away Carolina Leafs 5 Carolina 1

Dec 27, 2004 away Colorado Leafs 2 Colorado 2

Dec 28, 2004 away St. Louis Leafs 1 St Louis 1

Dec 30, 2004 away Nashville Leafs 0 Nashville 0
The Leafs didn't show, they were too busy pre-partying for new years

Jan 01, 2005 away Boston Leafs 2 Boston 2
Both teams played like crap, they were all hungover.
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Bettman/Goodenow [03 Jan 2005|11:19pm]

The hostage crisis has come to an end!

Bob Goodenow, chieftain of the NHLPA, was found bound and gagged laying alongside the back door of a Minneapolis gay bar Monday night. Goodenow's head was shaved, along with "other undisclosed body parts," and had a sign reading "My name is Bob and I like cowboys" taped to his chest.

Upon being recovered by Minnesota State Patrol, Goodenow issued a public, duress-free statement outlining his plans for the NHLPA:

"I'll do whatever the fans say! I swear it! All I want is- what? What's best for the game! Yeah, that's it! Oh, and I'm working pro bon- I can't do that! I've got a family! Ok ok, put the stick away..."

Goodenow was later seen waddling into his office, after refusing to have a seat and talk with reporters.

"Thanks guys, but, uh... yeah, I've been sitting all day, hehe," Goodenow declined.

NHL commish Gary Bettman, however, was found with his kidneys removed laying in a seedy motel bathtub full of ice. It was unknown how long Bettman had been in the bathroom, however police indicated that there was no sign of foul play.

In unrelated news, Gophers defenseman Chris Harrington was seen driving about campus in a 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago yesterday.

"Uh, my uncle died," replied Harrington when asked about his financial resources in regards to the car.
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Wild vs. CBJ [02 Jan 2005|02:32am]


After a memo from the NHL apparently disappeared in the mail, both the Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets showed up at the Xcel Energy Center Sunday afternoon wearing their alternate jerseys. Since the Wild 3rd is red and that of Columbus is blue, identification didn't appear to be a problem, so play went as planned.

The shit finally hit the fan when Blue Jackets center Andrew Cassels cheap-shotted the Wild goalie, while Vlad was staring at Cassels' jersey. After knocking down Vlad, Cassels flipped the puck into the net, putting the Blue Jackets up 1-0 after only three minutes of play.

"I was just trying to figure out what the hell that... thing on the front of their jersey is," explained Vlad after the game. "I mean, at least ours looks like something."

Following Cassels' unpenalized hit on Vlad, the entire Wild bench cleared and descended on the hapless forward. After the team was pulled from the ice, Cassels was removed with two broken kneecaps. The Blue Jackets remained on their bench, awestruck by the crowd.

"I didn't know 18,000 people in the United States even liked hockey, let alone seeing them in one arena," noted an amazed Nikolai Zherdev.

"What?" said Wild enforcer Matt Johnson, when asked about Cassels' injury. Following the bench-clearing brawl, the Wild went on to a comeback, scoring five goals in under fifteen minutes. Goals were scored by Andrew Brunette (2), Pascal Dupuis, Marc Chouinard, and Andrei Zyuzin. The Blue Jackets responded later in the second with another goal from winger Manny Malhotra, which was met by resistance from the Wild.

After Malhotra scored, Wild center Jay-Z skated up to Malhotra and socked him in the face, citing Malhotra's lack of "street cred" and inability to "keep it real."

Subsequently, the Blue Jackets bench cleared at last, only to be summarily knocked down by the former rap star.

"I had to put up with R. Kelly on tour," Jay-Z stated. "Livin in a tour bus with a pedophile makes you tough. 'Sides, these hockey players ain't nothin. I almost had Biggie fall on me once, if that doesn't make you strong, nothin does."

Following a vote put forth by Brunette, the team captain, during the debacle at center ice, the Wild elected unanimously to take to the ice and continue the fight "just for the hell of it," according to defenseman Nick Schultz.

Unable to sort out all the various penalties and power plays that would be dealt, the refs elected to simply dock goals. As a result, the score of 5-2 became 1-(-1). Although this was not the first time a negative score was recorded in a game, it did mark the pioneer use of algebraic expression in a sports score.

After taking 21 minutes to calculate that there would be 384 penalty minutes assessed, the officials decided to call the game, as there were only 18 minutes remaining on the clock.

"The explanation of this is simple," commented Wild coach Jacque Lemaire. "We haven't played Vancouver in awhile, the boys just needed to blow off steam."

"Oh blow it out your ass, Jacque," aruged Matt Johnson. "All I know is the next time we play Columbus, I'm gonna wipe the smirk right off that pussy Rick Nash's baby face."
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Oilers Update [01 Jan 2005|08:45am]

WIld at Edmonton
IN his first full game this season RYan SMyth was ineffective, as the Minnesota Wild shut out the Edmonton Oilers 3-0 last Tuesday.
Marian Gaborik had a pair for the Wild, while Jay-Z had one. Earning the shutout was Vlad.
Oilers coach Craig Mactavish was not pleased with the effort his Oilers put in, particularly RYan SMyth.
"If he's gonna play a full game like that, then we don't want him to play all the time," said MActavish of SMyth's effort. "HE played almost 30 minutes and had a whole two shots on goal. That's not what we expect from a star of his calbire."
THe best Oilers player all night was Paul COffey, who was robbed of a pair of possible goals.
Early in the first, Coffey fired a point shot past Vlad, but the referee missed the Wild goalie pulling the puck back over the line. No replay was available due to the continuing TV camera operators lockout.
Also, late in the third Vlad robbed Coffey right in the slot when COffey tried to hammer a shot past him. Vlad threw up the glove, however, preserving the shutout.
"HE's old, but damnit he's still a leader out there," said MActavish. "If that's the kind of effort we're gonna get from these older guys, Im gonna look into bringing in a few of the guys playing on the NHL alumni team," he further hinted.

The Edmonton Oilers took a pounding on Thursday.
With the Philadelphia FLyers visiting Edmonton, the Oilers were bombed in a 7-0 loss.
Rookie goalie/TIm Hortons bitch MIke Davis was brutal in net, allowing all seven goals on just 15 shots against.
"Not good. This is the kind of stuff we would have expected him to do last year when he was playing in a $#$#@@#$ beer league," said MActavish. "I would've rather had Harvey the Hound in net tonight."
Flyers forward Keith PRimeau had five points, tallying four goals and assisting on another. Rounding out the scoring were Jeremy ROenick, Danny Markov and Simon Gagne.
"Yah, I am good. I know it," said a stuck up Primeau. "With a win like this, maybe I won't cry about playing here after a few years like I did in Detroit and Carolina."
Sean Burke earned the shutout for the Flyers.
Oilers captain Jason Smith shook his head after the game, refusing to comment on his team's efforts.
"We're looking forward to hosting the Habs," said SMith of the OIlers' game on New YEars DAy.

THe Edmonton Oilers treated the Montreal Canadiens like they were an expansion team.
After being outscored 10-0 in their past two games, the Oilers defeated Montreal 5-1.
"This is what I'm looking for. The boys finally put it all together," said MActavish. "It helped to have a new face in net."
That new face, was one of the "oldies"... goalie MIke Davis has been released and Grant Fuhr has been signed to the team for the rest of the season.
"It was nice to be back. IF that's the kind of quality I'm going to be facing, then sign me up for a couple of more years," said FUhr, now 42, donning a hair do similar to that when he was drafted ( http://www.legendsofhockey.net/html/ind03fuhr.htm hard to believe it fit under the helmet).
Ryan SMyth redeemed himself, scoring a pair of goals and earning an assist for the Oilers. Other scorers, all with singles, were call-uip Robbie Schremp, who was drafted in 2004, Radek Dvorak and Brad Isbister.
"Smyth showed some leadership. We need that game in, game out now," said Mactavish.
Edmonton hosts San Jose tomorrow.
NOTES: RUmblings have it, Mactavish may bring back Jari Kurri to play with Smyth and Radek Dvorak. The Oilers are talking to a few alumni about making a comeback.
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[01 Jan 2005|01:23am]

Yes, that's right folks. I'm back, from an... uh... from a three-year tour of Scandinavia, Europe, and the Sub-Continent. Apologies on the lateness of all this, but I've been insanely without time.

DEC. 23


It was bound to happen.

The defending Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning entered the Xcel Energy Center, championship rings glittering.

After spending the first period blindly skating about, the Wild made it back to the locker room a tired, eyesore team.

"We weren't expecting their rings to be so bright," explained coach Jacque Lemaire. "I mean, Jesus Christ, they're blinding even through their gloves!"

Lemaire's Wild returned to the game better prepared, sporting sunglasses and tinted visors. However, despite these preparations, the Wild were still only able to defend their net against the Lightning, firing only four shots on goal in the second.

Finally, the Wild found an unexpected secret weapon in a recent acquisition. Having been called up from the Houston Aeros only two days before, retired rapper Jay-Z skated out on a line with wingers Marian Gaborik and Andrew Brunette. Despite losing the puck on the faceoff, Jay-Z quickly regained the puck after blinding the Lightning right back.

"I couldn't believe it!" ranted Lightning captain Vincent Lecavalier. "Even a sex symbol like myself, I've NEVER seen bling like that!"

After losing the puck to Lecavalier, Jay-Z whipped out a six pound dollar-sign diamond encrusted chain from under his jersey, causing the entire opposing team to drop, blinded by the bling. Jay-Z took the puck the length of the ice and scored on a practically empty net, Nikolai Khabibulin writhing about in the crease screaming "The pain! The pain!"

Lemaire called a timeout after the goal, after which the entire Wild team returned to the ice sporting huge chains. Marian Gaborik and Alexander Daigle both followed Jay-Z's goal later in the third.

Wild netminder Vlad blocked all of the Lightning's nineteen shots, facing lighter opposition after unknowingly stepping on Martin St. Louis at the end of the first.

The only injury came to Lightning wing Ruslan Fedotenko, continuing his fine tradition of injuring himself in every game since the Cup playoffs. Fedotenko slipped in the crease and cut a huge gash in his forehead with his championship ring early in the third.

"Hopefully we won't have to worry about another Battle of the Bling for quite sometime," commented Wild captain Nick Schultz.

Anyway, playing catchup:

WILD 4 - KINGS 1: MIN Gaborik (2), Schultz (1), Walz (1). LA Palffy (1) PP

WILD 2 - DEVILS 3: MIN Kuba (1) PP, Dupuis (1). NJ Elias (2), Gomez (1).

WILD 6 - STARS 0: MIN Schultz (2), Daigle (2), Chouinard (1) SH, Gaborik (1). (Amidst rampant fan/Stars brawls... still bitter over that North Stars business)

WILD 1 - SHARKS 1: MIN Gaborik (1). SJ Marleau (1).

WILD 2 - PENGUINS 1: MIN Walz (1), Brunette (1) EN. PIT Lemieux (1).

WILD 3 - STARS 2: MIN Chouinard (2), Vladikov (1) EN. DAL Guerin (2).
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Ottawa [26 Dec 2004|09:52am]

Islanders 2 - Senators 7

Ottawa came out of the Christmas break strong, routing the lowly Islanders.

Jason Spezza led the way with a hat trick, and Marian Hossa and Wade Redden each added two goals as the Sens won for the first time in...well, a LONG time.

The Islanders got goals from Jason Blake and Trent Hunter, but struggled throughout the night. They seemed to be sluggish. Perhaps it was too much Christmas food. Or maybe it was their abnormally large heads. Whatever the reason, the team didn't get much going all night.

"We knew they had big heads, but it's pretty unbelievable when you see it," Sens captain Daniel Alfreddsen said. "In retrospect, you can see that Alexei (Yashin) got traded to the right team."
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Canucks at Edmonton Oilers [26 Dec 2004|10:25am]

Fresh off receiving a Christmas gift of cash from the CIty of Edmonton, the Oilers were able to ice a full squad in a 6-1 win over the Vancouver Canucks.
Ryan Smyth, who will now be able to play the entire season, notched his second hat trick in as many games for the Oilers.
"WE're happy we got this windfall. SMyth will be in the lineup for as long as he's healthy. No more bake sales for us, baby," exclaimed Oilers coach Craig Mactavish.
ROunding out the scoring for the Oilers were Jani Rita, George Laraque and Jason Smith.
Vancouver's lone goal came from Canucks call-up Bryan Bieksa, who was having a strong rookie season in Manitoba before being called up earlier this month.
"Scoring my first NHL goal is the best present I could ever ask for this Christmas," said Bieksa, a Bowling Green University alumni.
Edmonton hosts Minnesota on Tuesday.
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Ottawa [23 Dec 2004|10:43pm]

Senators 1 - Avalanche 9

The Avs blew out the Sens (surprise) to head into the holiday season with good cheer.

Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg each scored twice, with goals from Milan Hedjuk, Alex Tanguay, Adam Foote, Rob Blake, and David Aebischer, who flipped one past a drunken Hasek. Hasek got into the eggnog a bit early to celebrate, and didn't do much before being pulled.

Jason Spezza scored the lone Sens goal. For the year, Spezza's 4 goals put him in second on the team in scoring.

And since the Sens suck, just a friendly note to all to have a happy holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Channukah or Kwanzaa or "Fat Bastard With Toys" Day, hope the holidays are enjoyable.
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Montreal [22 Dec 2004|10:42pm]

Sabres 3 - Canadiens 1

Montreal launched a formal protest against the Sabres for their December 21st victory in Buffalo, saying the game was actually supposed to be played in Montreal. And if we check the schedule, turns out they were right.

The schedule showed a home-and-home series between the division rivals, but the dates got screwed up and the first game was to be in Montreal, not Buffalo as reports indicated. The NHL was quick to blame the NHLPA for not taking the schedule seriously enough and wanted to implement a schedule cap to ensure competitiveness.

As a result, the game tonight originally scheduled for Buffalo was moved to Montreal, disappointing all 12 Sabres fans who bought tickets for the game.

It didn't matter in the end, as Miro Satan scored twice and Daniel Briere added another goal to lead the way. The Canadiens lone goal came from Mike Ribiero.
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