Lynette (lynbug) wrote in nhl2004,

Leafs VS Bruins, Leafs VS Thrashers

Jan 04, 2005 home Leafs 3 Boston 0

The Leafs recent acquisition of Hot Dog Guy's brother, Ketchupman, greatly contributed to the Leaf's 3-0 stomping of the Bruins. All 3 goals were scored because Ketchupman did what he does best, and squirted ketchup in the Bruins player's eyes.

Jan 06, 2005 away Atlanta

Leafs 0 Atlanta 0

The Leafs and the Trashers played the shortest game in history Thursday night. The puck dropped to start the first period, and a brawl broke out over who's butt was cuter, Darcy Tucker's or Brad Larsen's. The game was called off, and resumed outside in the parking lot, as no decision could be made wearing full hockey gear.
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