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The 2004 NHL Season

The way hockey should be

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We don't need no stinkin' rich owners or players to figure out what would have happened this year.

Tracking the 6 Canadian teams (and some others) for the 2004-2005 season as it would happen if the greedy players/owners weren't crying from their million dollar homes.

Warning: This is a hockey fan community created by a hockey nerd who doesn't mind cussing and swearing. I won't go out of my way to swear, but the occasional obscenity may be required, especially when discussing the crappy ass fuckin' Leafs who break my heart every damn year.

This isn't going to be 100% accurate. For so many of us, this lockout has been very sad. The goal of this community is to put a smile on the faces of the fans, the most important people in pro hockey. We will be poking fun at the game, the teams, and the players, but it is all in good-natured fun.

Our wonderful writers:

lynbug is handling the Toronto Maple Leafs.

zachthegreat is handling the Minnesota Wild and the Vancouver Canucks.

skecherskid is handling the Edmonton Oilers.

ladypredator is handling the Nashville Predators.

painkiller is handling the Washington Capitals.

littlestclouds is handling the Detroit Red Wings.

peterpansgrl is handling the Florida Panthers.

polkaroo79 is handling the potpourri that remains.

If you'd like to help contribute, please email me at jameschung1979 AT gmail.com.